Tuesday, March 31, 2020

How to Insert a Video in your Blog

     When I learned how easy it was to insert a video into my blog it was a game changer.  I know I keep repeating this but due to COVID-19 I had to change the way I was going to reach my students. Who knew that I would be making videos and posting them on a blog that I had only created three months prior to COVID-19 to teach my students in an effort to follow social distancing protocols.  It's still soaking in that I'm now quarantined teaching my students from my home.  This has never happened in years past but I am sure glad I took that leap of interest and faith to start a blog.  Producing the videos is definitely a way to stay connected to my students and parents.  Uploading videos was as simple as click. Here's how:
1. Sign into Blogger.
2. In the top left, click the Down Arrow.
3. Select the blog to update.
4. Create a new post or edit a post to add a video.
5. On the Post Editor, Click insert a video.
6. Choose the video you want to use.

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