Saturday, March 28, 2020

How to Create your Blog in 7 Steps

     You can use different blog platforms to create your blog. I used blogger to create three different blogs.  I know three sounds like a bit much but I have three different interests that I wanted to write about and they each required their own space and audience.  So my first blog was on the area of education, my second blog was on the area of wellness & beauty, and my current one is on blogging.  So to create your blog, first you need to sign into Blogger. You will need a valid email account to do so.
 Step 2: On the left, click the Down arrow
 Step 3:  Click New blog.
 Step 4:  Enter a name for your blog.
 Step 5:  Choose a blog address, or URL. Blogger gives you a free address but it offers you domains as well as low as $12/year. What a great DEAL!!!
 Step 6:  Choose a template.
 Step 7:  Click Create blog.
And that's it! You've created your blog!


  1. Hi, Holly, thank you for sharing this info.
    I personally started in Blogger and then moved to Wordpress.
    Blogger is for free, but it doesn't have many features as Wordpress.

    It's important to have a strong motivation, especially at the beginning.
    Having troubles or difficulties at the beginning may lead you away from your blog.


  2. Thanks for your advice. Greatly appreciated.

  3. Blogger is cheaper but I also have a tutorial on how to transfer your blogger to wordpress when you are ready!!!!


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