Friday, March 27, 2020

What to Blog about?

What's your hack?
    As an educator there are so many topics to write about in your blog. You can blog from different perspectives. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s your passion and you love it. This way you won’t run out of ideas ever.
     As a Student, blog about all the fun things you don’t get to because of calendars, curriculum and that dreaded word: TESTING. Blog about all those extra things that your students want to know more about but there’s not enough time to cover.
     As a Parent, blog about what parents need to empower their children or the things they struggle with. For example, many parents are intimidated by math because of how it’s changed from then to now.
     As a Teacher, teachers are always looking for new cutting-edge ideas to satisfy their teaching pedagogy. Many new teachers need How Tos to help them in their first year of teaching. Teachers who are in a rut need something to get their groove back in the classroom. You have what they are looking for in your blog.
    Now think about what you do and think about what you can offer from everyone else's perspective that you have influence over.

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