Monday, July 13, 2020

How to Personalize your Blog!

     One word, Canva !!!  Yes, Canva  is a splendid tool to help you brand your blog like a Texas Longhorn πŸ˜€.  No seriously, Canva has the tools that's needed to give your blog personalization.  The great thing is that Canva has a FREE or paid subscription.  You know me, I blog FRUGALLY!  The paid subscription of course has more capabilities.  So either way it's a win-win. I've always watched my sister time and time again create beautiful logos and exquisite eBooks all with Canva. I didn't see a need for it until I started blogging. Even so, it took me a while to get my creative juices flowing.  You know unless you give someone your vision and allow them to create it for you, blogging really becomes a process.  Branding didn't come naturally for me.  What I mean is, blogging has many facets to it. You have to acquire skills you never used before aside from developing content. It can get out of control quickly. No worries.

    Canva is a site that allows you to create graphic designs for whatever you are doing. Canva also has tutorials in the tab that says learning. I've always told myself that I wanted to learn more about graphic design. With Canva I learn something new everytime I create a design. Here's a quick video on branding:
    "What is Branding"
     First, Canva  is great for creating your logo. I say logo first because, it's your stamp, your signature so to speak.  Then your logo becomes the center of other things you make. In Canva you can make Facebook covers, Instagram posts, posters, brochures, and much more.  All you have to do is incorporate your logo in the graphic designs you make. And there, you've started the branding process. 
  Truthfully, I'm still learning and on my journey but its all coming together. Honestly, when I started blogging I had content but my branding was a hot mess.  So now I'm backtracking and putting my stamp on everything I create from here on out.  
  Speaking of backtracking, Canva must of known that I would be changing my products often because, with Canva you really can.  So I had already created tons of content for my blog but it was all over the place but when I decided on my logo all had to was edit them in Canva. So the links I placed in my blog from Canva simply updated automatically.  I didn't have to go back in my layout and reinsert links.  Canvas did it for me.😍
   Here's some things I updated in Canva but now with some brand personalization.


You can visit Canva at


Friday, July 10, 2020

Jazz up your Blog!!!

     I know it's been a while since my last post. Life happens sometimes. Nevertheless, I am back with a great way to jazz up that blog.  I have only been blogging since January but boy have I learned a lot; mostly through trial and error.  Have you ever looked at someone else's blog and wondered how everything matches? Well they either pay for it or they create it themselves.  You know my blog is called Blog FRUGALLY, so creativity is much obliged here.  Don't think twice about it or tell yourself how tech-deficient you are. No, just give yourself a try.  

   One way to jazz up your blog is to add some personality. Your personality silly.  I added some self made share buttons to match my blog as well as some tab icons to match my blog. Also, I went a little crazy with my BitmojiπŸ˜πŸ˜‹.  I have multiple blogs  so I had a little challenge.  Change is good. I mean you wouldn't wear the same attire everyday or eat the same dinner every night. So you can jazz up that blog!  Put your stamp on it. I wanted my blog to say me all over it. Face it, if you don't like how your blog looks then you probably want make it a priority. If you don't see value in it then no one else will.  Like I said earlier, I have two blogs and here are some icons I created myself:

You can even click on the links below to see how everything looks together.

Are you convinced yet and would like to give it a try? If so, here's what you will need:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • (photo sharing site)
  • self made icon images or clip art images
  • Bitmoji (if you're into that) You must add it as an extension to your web browser.
  • Time & patience
So here is a video of how to create  and ad your share buttons to your blogger site. This video is very extensive but super easy. Good Luck!!! 
P.S. Have fun jazzzzzzing up your blog!!!

Jazz up your Blog!!!

     I know it's been a while since my last post. Life happens sometimes. Nevertheless, I am back with a great way to jazz up that blog....