Tuesday, March 31, 2020

How to Insert Images in your Blog

     Pictures, illustrations,  and photos really made my blog come to life.  There are several vendors of stock photos out there.  I had to be careful of copyright laws on some photos but there are several vendors who do allow their photos or pictures to be used commercially and personally.  It took a bit a of research but I did find several.  So once I found my images, I was able to insert them in my blog easily.  Here's how:
1. Sign into Blogger.
2. In the top left, click on the Down Arrow.
3. Select the blog to update.
4. Create a New Post or Edit  a Post to add images.
5. On the Post Editor, Click Insert Image.
6. Choose where you'd like to upload the image from.
7. Choose one or more images to upload.
8. Click Add Selected.
9. When the image is in your post, click it to change the size, caption or alignment on the page.

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