Wednesday, April 1, 2020

My Blog is Setup, Now What?

My blog is setup, now what?
    Well after I setup my blog and started posting content I noticed that I wasn’t getting that many views. The answer
was simple: not enough exposure. So of course on Blogger, I can share my posts to my Facebook page, Pinterest, email, etc. But what if you do not have any subscribers yet or you don’t have a huge following on social media? Well there are several things you can do.
Support Groups
   First, you can join support groups.  There are tons of support groups for bloggers, youtubers, entrepreneurs, and so much more on Facebook. Most of these groups have thousands of followers and they are willing to support you in several ways to increase the exposure of your blog or site. Not to mention you in turn will be visiting their blogs and sites. You will learn so many new ideas and creativity from connecting with others who have the same or greater mindset as you.  So it’s a great way to develop yourself and your blog productivity. 
Audience Groups
    These groups may not be bloggers they may be a group of people that want or need what you have. You can ask them to support you. Now please now that some of these groups may not allow selling or promotion.  But you’ll never know until you try.
Blog Pros
    Blog Pros is a company that promotes your blog for you. They also have a FREE 30 day trial and reasonable monthly plan options. Once you've subscribed to their service, as soon as you post a blog post on your site, they'll share it on social media automatically. They do this by connecting with power users and manually sharing your page within social groups to increase the number of real human shares on your content. Their process is proven and effective, and their entire team is based in the United States.

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