Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Dream Big!!!!

     Business and entrepreneurship has always been in my blood but I was very shy and introverted.  Sales for me had started back when I was a little girl. My mom would bake homemade goods and my sisters and I would go about the neighborhood and sell it. We would always sell everything and have a sense of achievement when we went back home. Later in my life I sold health and wellness products and currently I am a Mary Kay consultant. I am now a blogger and I love it because, writing is truly one of my talents that I enjoy. Blogging has drawn me to whole new group of people that have  a whole different mindset. I see so much creativity in others and it's actually an inspiration.

    A woman that I am really inspired by is Madame C.J. Walker. What really inspired me was how she always DREAMED BIG! and how she expanded her company simply from ideas in her dreams.  She had a why, a cause, and a calling to help women manage their hair. She was basically expanding her business during a recession/depression.  This was a difficult time in America but she DREAMED BIG!!!! When everyone around her could not understand her vision and dreams, she did not let it stop her.

    So, I take her tenacity and drive to DREAM BIG!!! We all have a Why?, a solution to a problem in our society, and a plan to change the world. It all lies in our ability to DREAM BIG!!!!  It may take research: a hypothesis, tests, and idea after idea. All that's left to do is DREAM BIG!!!
Finally, five things I learned  from Madame C. J. Walker is this: 
1. She discovered a cause she was passionate about.
2. She wanted to help everyone she could.
3. She created.
4. She took action.
5. She DREAMED BIG!!!!!!

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